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This is an collaborative process for anyone willing to participate, to share a specific story where something happened or came up that triggered a fight, flight, or freeze response to post sexual trauma. 


If you would like to remain anonymous please leave out name, and locations. If you are comfortable leaving any small indicators such as city, state, gender identity, pronouns, age that would be great but its not required. Your safety and comfort are the main focuses of this project. It is not recommended to participate if you have any gut feelings of being uncomfortable/scared. 

For this process I am looking for indicators of triggers, trigger responses, perpetrator excuses, and victim blaming. If some of these do not pertain to the story being shared feel free to leave them at the end of your statement.

Story Example:

"The other day my phone crashed unexpectedly, and I had to factory reset it. When I when to do this my iTunes cloud installed my information from my last backup which was last done four years ago. Four years ago, was the year I got raped. When I opened my messages, I found texts from an ex friend. In the text exchange I was upset for being fired from my job by my rapist, through a text that ended with LOL. At that time, my friend did not know that I had been raped by this man and he proceeded to chew me out for being dramatic. When I mentioned that there were other factors at play, he said could not believe there were any other factors and I was just acting like a child. Later, when I told my ex-friend that this man had raped me, my friend got upset that I was implying he should not be friends with my rapist and chose my rapist over being friends with me. Four years have passed and I’m still as upset and broken hearted as I was the day it happened."

Please confirm that you understand and consent to all the statements below.

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